Paper table lamp

"Did the idea of paper furniture ever strike your mind? Paper, cardboard and papier-mâché are familiar to all of us. They bring back... Leggi tutto


"Eploring new possibilities with a whole spectrum of lighting combinations. The ‘cluster lamp’ from joel degermark evokes... Leggi tutto

Smoke Chandelier

"Furniture finished with fire. The beauty and character of burned wood is now captured in a long lasting material, creating the strange... Leggi tutto

Dear Ingo

"Ron gilads hybrid objects combine material with aesthetic play; they sit on the fat delicious line between the abstract and the... Leggi tutto

Non Random

"Old Ladies Call Them Neatly Coiled Balls Of Yarn, Kids Talk About Soap Bubbles Hanging From Lightbulbs, Some Say They Are There To Light... Leggi tutto

Light shade shade d47

"Light shade shade is a one way mirror that reflects its environment as well as concealing the chandelier within. When the light is turned... Leggi tutto

Dadelion Floor Lamp

"True to its name, dandelion was initially inspired by the plant the creates the famous and poetic ‘dandelion snow’ of fuzzy,... Leggi tutto

Random light led floor lamp

"For the first time the random light stops drifting and comes down to earth…literally! It’s the first floor lamp available in the... Leggi tutto

Miyake Floor Lamp

"The miyake lamp can be placed in several positions simply by positioning the base on one of its 24 faces. The lamp’s solid base and its... Leggi tutto

Emperor Floor Lamp

"Once upon a time an asian emperor received as a gift a nightingale. The charming bird sang so beautifully that the emperor always wanted... Leggi tutto